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famouslstwrdsxx's Journal

"Everything will come...in time"
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A graphics community.
Icons, and more by heartarmor and famouslstwrdsxx.

Rotten Airwaves; A Damn Rotten Graphics Community.

The Sam to my Dean.

famouslstwrds & more about Di;; Awards;;
This website/journal isn't my personal one. Famous Last Words contains my icons, blends, and tutorials. If you don't want to see the demon in me, don't even think about stealing my shit. Because I will find out...whether it be soon, or in the far future. Cause when I do figure, I'll raise hell on your ass. Don't come here and look at the hard work I've put into my graphics, just so you can go ahead and steal or claim it as your own. If they are to be used...credit. & if you're not planning on crediting, then comment me that you're going to use them; and where.

Dye Happy;
Freak of dramatic make-up;
Unusually forceful friendly person;
I will fight what I feel is injustice on the spot, and I'm not bashful about voicing my opinions;
I'm usually 90% right most of the time;
Don't start an argument and waste your time...you'll just lose;
If I believe in something with all my heart, I'll always remain falling down, if it happens to occur, but I'll get up again to try once more;
I what you see before you, is what I am;
Nothing keeps me down forever, failure least of all;
Liberal attitude;
Hates irresponsibility and waiting;
Forges her way through life with daring, initiative and enterprise;
But cannot stand physical pain--needles;
Attended boot-camp three times;
Loves chocolate and photoshop;
Comic-book writer/illustrator;
Salvador Dali=Greatest artist ever;
Gerard Way is my soldier of a hero;
Loves Snow White;
Super Spontanieous;
Would be Dean in Supernatural;
More obsessed with coffee than you;

profile code by me.
layout by me.

I'm in Gryffindor!

How to install an s1 Layout
Request a layout
Request a graphic [Icons, Headers, etc.]

Bring all of the hate and the jealousy
Please, I dare you. I'll just tell you to FUCK OFF.

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